Without Acupuncture of Oklahoma’s help, I don’t know where we would be. I could not sleep at night, I could not work, I was mean to my family, and I was at the end of my rope. I was headed for divorce due to finances and pain. Acupuncture of Oklahoma saved our family by taking care of my pain. I owe them everything. Thank you.*
— C.J. Toronto
I found myself in my bedroom with the phone turned off and a blanket over the window to keep the daylight from entering, and a gun in my hand. My headaches were so bad I was ready to take my life. The only thing keeping me alive was that my two young daughters needed me. My sister got me to Accupuncture of Oklahoma and my headaches decreased by 80% within two weeks.*
— K.D. Sioux Falls
I sold my only car to pay for Acupuncture of Oklahoma’s work. They fixed my back and I was able to go back to work. They are God sent!*
— D.S. Tulsa
After more than 30 years of back pain from a failed low back surgery, Acupuncture of Oklahoma cured my back.*
— E.G. Nashville
I lost 152 lb. on Acupuncture of Oklahoma’s diet. Now I am at 187 lb. I am never going back to that humiliating life of obesity. My energy and entire outlook are now where they should be.*
— T.G. Phoenix
After my accident, I had radiating pain and muscle cramps every day. Acupuncture of Oklahoma’s program has decreased the problem to affect me only a little and only a couple times a month. Thanks.*
— H.N. Mexico City
My daughter has autism, and the doctors could not help her. Acupuncture of Oklahoma’s program helped her a lot, and she now is able to attend the public school and loves her friends and family.*
— M.L. Marysville
I thought my increasing memory loss was normal and I was getting it early in life. I was confused by my doctor’s input and accepted it. My friend sent me to Acupuncture of Oklahoma. Now ten years later, I am still much better, and I will never stop the nutritional program that has changed my world!*
— K.S. Springfield
I could not function due to my PMS. I missed work and treated my family horribly; I was miserable. The supplements I now take keep me regular and pain-free, all from Acupuncture of Oklahoma’s help.*
— R.O. Albuquerque
The edema was terrible. Acupuncture of Oklahoma recommended supplements and an exercise program to keep it under control without drugs.*
— F.P. Yorkshire
IBS ruined my life. With the right diet and supplements, I now have a normal life. Thanks, Acupuncture of Oklahoma.*
— C.A. Charleston
The doctors told me I had fibromyalgia and tried unsuccessfully to treat me. Acupuncture of Oklahoma resolved all pain, and I owe them everything.*
— W.H. Reno
My diabetes ruled my life. I was obese, and I had no energy. Acupuncture of Oklahoma helped me lose weight through a diet, supplements, and exercise; I was able to get off the insulin and maintain normal blood sugar. It is not easy at times, but I just have to tell myself to stay on track. Thank you.*
— K.M. Las Cruces
My blood pressure and health were way out of control. Acupuncture of Oklahoma set me straight. If he tells you to do it, do it!*
— R.D. Las Vegas
My testosterone levels were low, I had no energy, and a decreased sex drive and performance. My wife put up with me. It was miserable, and I put up with it until my grandson moved in with us. I needed my energy back to keep up with him. I got on Acupuncture of Oklahoma’s program, and my energy came back to my early years. The great side effect was my sex drive and performance returned. My wife and I have our relationship back. Life is good again.*
— H.Q. Syracuse
What a great doctor. My niece referred me to Acupuncture of Oklahoma. I flew to see them in the USA for my health problem. No doctors in Brazil were able to help me. They are the best!*
— M.G. Rio
I could not get my back problem fixed in China even though my husband is a medical doctor orthopedic surgeon. Acupuncture of Oklahoma used western medicine work and cured my pains.*
— K.K. Beijing

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