Lightweight, low-profile, single upright osteoarthritis knee brace with unique varus/valgus angle adjustment to optimize pain relief.
Laterally applied frame and hinge corrects for either medial or lateral compartment and avoids contralateral limb contact during gait.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, low-profile, single upright OA brace

  • Unique Set-Fit Buckle System eliminates the hassle of Velcro® adjustments each time the brace is applied and removed.

  • Maximized 3 points of leverage for medial compartment

  • Laterally applied frame corrects for either medial or lateral compartment

  • Lateral application avoids opposite limb during gait

  • Available in a heavy duty Q-hinge for patients over 300 lbs.

  • Available with the BioniCare® Knee System for an unparalleled, synergistic approach to knee osteoarthritis

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