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Physical Medicine of Oklahoma
Who We Are

Physical Medicine of Oklahoma is a fully integrated multi-specialty clinic focused on the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries to the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and related tissues). We do this with our state of the art practices and knowledgeable team that is with you every step of the way on your journey to well-being.

Our Promise

We are committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of the integrated approach to health care. Patients seeking treatment with us can be assured they are receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern physical medicine and chiropractic equipment and technology.

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How Do Our Patients Feel About Us?
  • "When I came to Dr. Koenig, I was a mess. I was having migraine headaches and shoulder and neck pain. My headaches are gone and my neck pain has improved by ten fold. Of course, due to computer work, my posture is a major concern. I feel so much better and together we are working on this. He has worked wonders with me. Thanks so much."

  • "Dr. Koenig has been taking care of my family since 2007. He is wonderful and you won’t find a better staff anywhere else. So thankful for this business. He has helped me overcome pain and headaches without medicine. So grateful."

  • "The integrated services that Dr. Koenig and the rest of the amazing team offer helped me feel better faster. The entire office is friendly, encouraging, and truly desire for you to feel better as quickly as possible. Their entire approach to healing is different than anything I’ve ever experienced although I’ve been in chiropractic care for over 20 years..."


Pain Relief Treatment Options

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine deals with the process of restoring the normal function of the body by replacing, engineering, or re-engineering human cells, tissues, or organs.

It’s a fact that your body has the innate ability to heal tissue that has been injured or is aging. This is accomplished when your body’s own stem cells perform the function they’re naturally designed to do, renew and repair cells, and differentiate into specialized cells. Healthy, young, and effective stem cells have the ability to differentiate, or change into, the proper cell needed to heal an injury. Unfortunately, studies show that as we age the natural ability of our stem cells to renew and restore diminishes and our natural cells are far less effective than they were when we were young. We have many fewer healthy stem cells as our bodies age and we lose much of the ability to heal quickly and efficiently. So how can we introduce healthy, young, vibrant cells to your body to speed the healing process or combat the effects of aging?

Pain Relief

At Physical Medicine of Oklahoma, we’ve helped countless patients get relief from both chronic and acute pain and return to the daily routine that they love and miss so much. We accomplish this through numerous treatment options including regenerative medicine treatments, which help your body restore damaged tissue. If you've reached the point that it’s time to address your pain, stop taking medication to mask the pain and actually heal your body, arrange an appointment today with Dr. Koenig and find out which treatment option is best suited to relieve your pain.

If your pain emanates from a recent injury without muscle or ligament damage, perhaps your body is misaligned, and chiropractic adjustments are just what you need to find the relief that you seek. If your pain symptoms are from a more serious issue, like arthritis or a damaged ligament or muscle, perhaps regenerative medicine is a more appropriate treatment option.

Medical Treatment Options

Our staff is trained to provide a wide range of medical services to patients suffering from injuries or illnesses that have affected the way they move, get around or perform tasks. Patients may seek medical treatment for any disability, disease or illness that has impaired the performance of their muscles, bones and joints.

We provide treatment to patients knowing that impairments of the musculoskeletal system can have a profound effect on not only the physical wellness of the patient, but also on the social, mental and emotional wellness. By helping to return the patient to optimum or near-optimum functioning, Physical Medicine of Oklahoma is here to help to improve the overall quality of life for our patients.

Physical Rehabilitation

The main goal of our physical rehabilitation service is to restore normal range of motion, function, and decrease pain as efficiently as possible through a combination of highly specific hands-on manual therapy, stretching, and muscle activation exercises. We work to move beyond correcting symptoms such as pain and instead work to find a solution to eliminate pain.

Experiencing pain in one area of your body can cause inadvertent pain in other areas due to straining. Our rehab program helps to strengthen your body. It may include physical therapy, chiropractic care, spinal decompression or soft tissue mobilization.

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