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Different Types of Stem Cells Oklahoma City, OK

There are several types of stem cells used for pain management and other degenerative conditions. They can be broadly categorized as those which come from your own body and those from donors. Those from your body are considered stem cells and those donated from the most common donor source – umbilical allografts – are referred […]

Where do you get regenerative cells? OKC

If you’ve heard about the incredible benefits of cellular therapy, you have probably wondered, where do you get regenerative cells? While each of us has stem cells within our bodies that are capable of replicating and regenerating, they are less and less able to keep up with the wear and tear of aging. Is there […]

What You Need To know About Regenerative Therapy OKC

When it comes to regenerative therapy, there are a few different methods you may have heard about. At Physical Medicine of Oklahoma, our goal is to get and keep you pain-free naturally, and there are a couple of regenerative therapies that are particularly effective in this area. Find out which of these options might be […]

Can A Chiropractor Help With Arthritis Oklahoma

Arthritis can be a debilitating disease and interfere with your everyday life. Many times when you seek medical treatment for arthritis, different medications will be prescribed to alleviate pain. These medications can be habit forming or come with an array of unpleasant side effects. If you are seeking a safe, natural treatment to manage the […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Chiropractic Adjustment Oklahoma

People seek chiropractic care for many reasons. Whether you have sustained and injury from a car accident or participating in sports, deal with chronic pain or just feel like your body has gotten out of alignment due to the every day forces that we all face. Whatever is causing your pain, you may be seeking […]

Hair Loss Oklahoma

Hair loss is a fact of life that we’ll all have to face at some point in our lives. For some, that comes sooner than it does for the rest of us. There are multiple causes for this loss that can be separated into two different categories: permanent and temporary. Temporary hair loss will naturally […]

Alternatives to Spinal Surgery Oklahoma

The spine is so central to our body’s function but also is so delicate. Spinal injuries can easily be life-changing. Complications to surgeries are relatively rare, but due to the vital role our spines play in our lives, complications could easily cause long lasting effect. For those seeking alternatives to surgery, regenerative medicine and chiropractic […]

Chiropractic For Carpal Tunnel Oklahoma

If you find yourself experiencing sensations such as tingling, numbness, or burning pain in your wrists or your hands, you may be exhibiting symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be difficult to diagnose and can often be misdiagnosed due to the fact that a number of other conditions can present the […]

Non-Opioid Pain Management Options Oklahoma

Every day, millions of people experience some type of pain. Often those suffering from pain, injury or illness are prescribed opioid such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, codeine, fentanyl, and oxymorphone to name a few. These prescriptions pose a variety of dangers including opioid use disorder and overdose. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control […]

Stem Cells For Pain Oklahoma City

When seeking a natural alternative to pain relief, stem cells are a promising treatment that is used to aide the body’s natural healing process in order to eliminate pain and correct the underlying issue. Correcting the underlying condition can help you to avoid lengthy recovery time from surgery. If you are an active individual living […]

What is Stem Cell Therapy Oklahoma

There is a lot of talk about stem cells in the news and the local media throughout the Oklahoma City area. With all the information out there, you may have many questions about where stem cells come from and where they are found. While there are many benefits that come from stem cell treatments, it […]

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