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How Chiropractic Care Can Help Relieve Headaches

When we suffer from chronic and debilitating headaches, our first inclination is to run to the medicine cabinet. From over-the-counter solutions to stronger prescribed medications in the case of migraines, the solutions we normally consider for headaches are almost always pharmaceutical. Over time, the medicines themselves can create issues due to the side effects of […]

5 Stretches You Can do at Home to Relieve Joint Pain Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Joint pain, or pain stemming from the area where two bones meet, is a health issue that plagues many individuals. While it may only be a nuisance to some, it can be quite severe and even debilitating for others. It can develop from a number of causes, with the most common of them being: Arthritis […]

Benefits of IV Therapy Oklahoma City, OK

Intravenous or IV therapy has increasingly grown in popularity thanks to its unique ability to provide the body with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other necessary components quickly and effectively. Treatments typically last 45-60 minutes and are relatively painless, with only the discomfort of the IV itself. These treatments are administered intravenously through an IV […]

7 Whiplash Symptoms You Should See A Chiropractor About Edmond, OK

Whiplash is an injury in which the head and neck are quickly forced forward and backward. This can happen during an auto injury, sports injury, or any other similar trauma or abuse to the head or neck area. Those who experience whiplash understand how painful and debilitating it can be in one’s daily life. Thankfully, […]

Osteoarthritis and Its Stages Oklahoma City, OK

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting the cartilage between bones in our joints. As the cartilage breaks down, the bones experience friction and can suffer damage as they rub against each other. Osteoarthritis can occur in any joint but is most commonly found in the knees. As the cartilage wears down, the […]

Benefits of Physical Therapy After a Sports Injury Oklahoma City, OK

Getting back in the game as quickly and as safely as possible is what matters most. You don’t want to rush right back in before the muscle, bone, or joint has recovered and risk another injury. Physical therapy has been proven to accelerate recovery after a sports injury, helping athletes feel great and reach new […]

5 Muscle-Strengthening Exercises You Can Do At Home Oklahoma City, OK

Even without a gym or much equipment to hand, you can keep strong in any season with these five muscle-strengthening exercises you can do at home. Push-ups Push-ups can be modified to fit any fitness level. If you have to start out leaning against the wall, that’s fine. On the ground, they can be modified […]

Causes and Treatments for Peripheral Neuropathy Oklahoma City, OK

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that results from damage to the peripheral nervous system (or the part of the nervous system excluding the brain and spinal cord). The peripheral nervous system consists of three types of nerves: sensory nerves, motor nerves, and autonomic nerves. Sensory nerves communicate cold, heat, pain, and touch. Motor nerves control […]

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections for Hair Loss Oklahoma City, OK

Anyone who suffers from hair loss knows how difficult it can be for your self-esteem and that there are a great number of different treatment options out there. It can be incredibly confusing and disheartening since the medical community has been grappling with the problem of hair loss for so long without a clear solution. […]

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma Oklahoma City, OK
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an advanced treatment option that uses your own blood to promote healing within the body. It is especially beneficial in treating both acute and chronic pain, as well as several degenerative conditions. What's unique about PRP is that it treats the root of the problem instead of simply masking your […]
Stretches and Exercises To Help Relieve Chronic Hip Pain Edmond, OK

Hip pain is mostly related to discomfort in the hip joint, where the thigh bone joins the pelvis. There is a wide range of causes of hip pain and discomfort. Some of them may be brief or more serious and constant. Some of the causes for hip pain include: Arthritis Injury Aging Disease Sciatica Underuse […]

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Pregnant Women? Oklahoma City, OK

Chiropractic care can help you have an easier pregnancy and delivery. The fact is, chiropractic care offers the same benefits to pregnant women as it does to anyone else. By keeping the spine aligned properly, the body maintains a better balance, in turn reducing the joints’ stress, making it easier for the nerves to communicate […]

6 Foods that Can Boost Bone Health Oklahoma City

As we age, we are at a higher risk of bone loss. No matter what age you are, maintaining healthy, strong bones is essential to your overall health and wellness, and the foods that we put in our bodies directly affect bone health. Foods high in calcium can help keep bones strong and prevent bone […]

Common Injuries After a Slip and Fall Oklahoma City, OK

There are quite a few common injuries after a slip and fall. They say prevention is the best cure, but if it’s too late for that, our team is well-equipped to handle most injuries sustained from a slip and fall and help patients recover from them quickly and naturally. Some common injuries after a slip […]

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Back Pain Oklahoma City, OK

Many people suffer from back pain to a greater or lesser degree. While the spine is a complicated system; generally, people start to experience the effects of back pain in their later years. By this time, posture issues and bad alignment have had time to take their toll. Usually, by this time in your life, […]

6 Simple Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk Oklahoma City, OK

In the past few months, many of us have had our daily lives changed tremendously, with a great deal more time being spent at desks and much less at the gym. It has become increasingly important to find ways to exercise and stay limber while seated. Here are six simple stretches you can do while […]

Tips to Improve Your Posture Oklahoma City, OK

Proper posture is critical to a healthy spine and an overall healthy, productive life. Posture is how we hold our bodies when we are in a standing, sitting, or laying down position. For most people, it is easy to overlook proper posture with daily living routines. However, improper posture can have long-lasting disadvantages. This can […]

What are Your Treatment Options After a Car Accident Injury? Oklahoma City, OK
On average there are about 6 million car accidents per year in the United States. That puts a lot of people at risk. So what are your treatment options after a car accident injury? Typically people injured in a motor vehicle accident opt for pain killers and physical therapy. Many of them sustain different types […]
How do Trigger Point Injections Work? Oklahoma City, OK
Trigger point injections work by relaxing a specific area of muscle that is causing pain and discomfort, known as a trigger point. Approximately 23 million people have at least one deep-rooted affliction of the musculoskeletal system. A local anesthetic is administered to a trigger point injection site and will be numb for hours. The corticosteroids […]
You Just Got a Sport's Injury. What Should You Do Next? Oklahoma City, OK

You just encountered an injury from sports, what should you do next? Many people would rush to the emergency room or doctor to relieve them from any worry. But there are a few simple steps you can take yourself to help speed up the recovery process correctly. Some of the most common sports injuries include […]

Benefits of Acupuncture for Headache Relief Oklahoma City, OK
If you suffer from chronic headaches and are searching for relief, acupuncture can provide an alternative to many pain medications. Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that has been around for thousands of years. In traditional Chinese medicine, the practice of acupuncture is used to remove negative energy that is causing you pain […]
Why Do I Have Bone on Bone Knee Pain Oklahoma City, OK
The knees are one of the most unfortunate victims of age, confining many senior citizens to chairs when they would rather continue an active life. Bone-on-bone knee pain is a result of deteriorated cartilage in the knee joint, typically from osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis affects most senior citizens, and in its extreme stages, the cartilage between bones […]
Common Hip Pain Causes Oklahoma City, OK

Almost everything we do daily involves the use of our hips. Standing, walking, or running are everyday necessities that we often take for granted when we don’t experience hip pain. However, if you do suffer from pain in the hips, you are well aware of how your whole world can be brought to a standstill. […]

When you have issues with neck pain, the effect on your day-to-day life can be profound. Not only is there the pain and discomfort to contend with, but also you have mobility issues, your ability to concentrate is lessened, and sleep patterns are disrupted on a consistent basis. Masking pain with medication never really addresses […]

Tips for Lower Back Pain Relief Oklahoma City, OK

Lower back pain is a common condition that can interfere with everyday activities such as sitting, standing, bending down, walking, or even falling asleep. Thankfully, there are many solutions to this common problem. If you are experiencing chronic back pain, try these helpful tips for relief: 1. Position and Posture While You Sleep Your joints […]

Eat Right For Your Spine Oklahoma City, OK

We all know that diet and exercise are key components of general health and the best way to maintain or lose weight. But did you know that diet can also have an important impact on back pain? Stretching, physical therapy, and other physical exercises certainly can help, as can chiropractic adjustments to your spine and […]

What Causes Knee Pain and How Can It Be Treated Oklahoma City, OK

We use our knees to do almost everything in life; to get here and there, work, play and exercise. Unfortunately, overuse of our knee joints can cause excess pressure, often leading to injury. As we age, our bones and joints weaken, leaving us susceptible to more injuries and conditions, especially in the knees. Knee pain […]

Herniated Disc Myths Oklahoma City, OK

If you are suffering from back pain caused by problems with discs, you probably have heard many different reasons behind why the pain exists and what to do about it. Let’s take a look at the facts rather than what we “think” we know, and point you in the direction of natural healing for your […]

Soft Tissue Mobilization Oklahoma City, OK

Soft tissue mobilization has the potential to relax muscles and loosen the knots, allowing for any strains to be treated. It works similar to a massage, where a clinician locates the problem site and applies pressure via their hands. They can apply sustained pressure, parallel pressure, spiral motions, or friction massages. These forms all work […]

Is Chiropractic Care Safe? Oklahoma City, OK
Chiropractic care is incredibly safe and can relieve unnecessary pressure from the nerves and joints throughout your neck and spine. This helps by restoring the balance throughout your body and nervous system. This balance makes everything in your body communicate and flow better. Chiropractic care is: All-natural pain relief method Safe Alternative to medication Alternative […]
Tips To Help Back Pain At Home Oklahoma City Ok

If you suffer from back pain, there are many things you can do at home to help. To maintain spinal health, it is important to exercise and stretch regularly. There are low impact exercises you can do easily, such as walking, yoga, or water aerobics. These activities release endorphins and loosen your muscles, helping to […]

What Causes Hair Loss Edmond Ok
There are many reasons that both men and women can lose hair, but nobody wants to see baldness set in. Whether your hair loss is due to a dietary or hormonal change, or one associated with a medical condition, there are options for you to reverse the damage and have a healthy head of hair […]
Wrinkle Reduction Through Natural Treatments Edmond Ok

We all eventually start to see fine lines and wrinkles appear on our faces as we age. If you find your wrinkles have become so pronounced you look and feel far older than you are, you might consider treatments that can help reduce the appearance of those telltale lines. While there are extreme treatments available […]

Can A Chiropractor Help With Arthritis Oklahoma

Arthritis can be a debilitating disease and interfere with your everyday life. Many times when you seek medical treatment for arthritis, different medications will be prescribed to alleviate pain. These medications can be habit forming or come with an array of unpleasant side effects. If you are seeking a safe, natural treatment to manage the […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Chiropractic Adjustment Oklahoma

People seek chiropractic care for many reasons. Whether you have sustained an injury from a car accident or participating in sports, deal with chronic pain or just feel like your body has gotten out of alignment, chiropractic care may be ideal for you. Chiropractic adjustments can provide natural pain relief for a variety of conditions […]

Hair Loss Oklahoma

Hair loss is a fact of life that we’ll all have to face at some point in our lives. For some, that comes sooner than it does for the rest of us. There are multiple causes for this loss that can be separated into two different categories: permanent and temporary. Temporary hair loss will naturally […]

Chiropractic For Carpal Tunnel Oklahoma

If you find yourself experiencing sensations such as tingling, numbness, or burning pain in your wrists or your hands, you may be exhibiting symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be difficult to diagnose and can often be misdiagnosed because a number of other conditions can present the same symptoms, such as […]

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