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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

The use of platelet-rich plasma as a regenerative treatment is a truly state-of-the art method of helping the body heal from a variety of injuries. PRP is injected directly into an injured area, such as injuries to shoulders, knees, elbows or hips. They can also be injected into tendons and ligaments. PRP has been utilized by many world-class athletes to speed their healing and get them back onto the field, court or track. In many cases, healing is accelerated so much that it’s possible to return to a pain-free life in four to six weeks. Read more

Regenerative Cellular Tissue aka Stem Cell

Regenerative cellular tissue and stem cell therapy are terms often used interchangeably. This is not exactly accurate. Stem cells are naturally produced within the body. These cells are undifferentiated, meaning that they can change into other cell types. This process is very helpful in healing the human body after injury. The field of regenerative medicine is experiencing tremendous growth as patients find relief for injuries and chronic pain, as well as a natural solution to combat the effects of aging. Read more


Regenerative medicine can be extremely beneficial in the field of aesthetics. We have several options when it comes to medical services to enhance your appearance, including platelet rich plasma and regenerative cellular tissue (aka stem cell). These procedures are all non-surgical and outpatient procedures. They are closely supervised by our esteemed medical director and we use some of the best regenerative materials available in the country. With fast-acting anti-inflammatories, it is not uncommon to see results on an immediate basis. Read more

Hair Restoration

Men and women both experience hair loss and neither seem to like it. By age 35 nearly two thirds of men will experience some degree of hair loss and by age 50, more than 80% of men will see a marked thinning of their hair. stem cells promote healthy growth within the body and your scalp is no exception. Injections from umbilical allografts or plasma rich platelets (PRP) treatments will both help the scalp regenerate hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. There is no need for surgery or the embarrassment of obvious hair plugs. Read more

Joint Injections

Joint injections offer fast pain relief for inflamed muscles, joints, bursitis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis rotator cuff tears, and more. These injections provide significant relief with minimal, if any, discomfort. Cortisone injections provide rapid, effective localized pain relief that far exceeds that of anti-inflammatory drugs and eliminates the common side effect of irritation of the stomach that are problematic with many anti-inflammatories such as aspirin. A cortisone shot will typically take effect very quickly and provide relief up to a few months. Read more

Degenerative knee therapy

Degenerative knee therapy is designed to help relieve the pain associated with cartilage damage in the knee. Many things can damage the cartilage in the knee. Everyday life will take its toll on your knees over time. Sports injuries can damage or tear the cartilage. A simple slip while walking on a wet floor can tear your MCL or ACL. Knee replacement surgery may not be necessary if you take the appropriate actions to address your knee pain. Our natural treatment options can work wonders and keep you out of the operating room. Read more

Trigger point injections

Trigger point injections are used to relax muscles that are not relaxing as a result of other treatment options. Trigger point injections are used as effective treatment options for many situations like back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and nearly any muscle related pain. Once the doctor finds the area causing your pain or discomfort, he or she will typically inject a mixture of lidocaine and a corticosteroid into the area to relax the contraction knot thus relieving the pain. There are times that a single injection provides long term relief. Read more

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