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What conditions can be treated with laser therapy? Laser therapy is effective at treating several conditions that include arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, tendonitis, bursitis, strains and sprains and herniated discs. When laser therapy is used, it can reduce inflammation to speed the healing process, reduce pain and improve general mobility.

Cold Laser Therapy Edmond, OK

At our chiropractic clinic, we offer laser therapy treatments on their own or as part of a customized natural treatment program that will relieve pain and help you get back to doing the things you love.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a natural treatment that utilizes low-intensity lasers to help facilitate the healing process in your body. The heat that is generated by cold laser therapy is not intense enough to actually heat up your tissues like surgical lasers or lasers used for aesthetic treatments would do. When you have cold laser therapy performed to help relieve your pain, there is no downtime, so you can continue on with your day when the treatment is completed.

This non-invasive treatment uses various wavelengths of light at low levels that are applied to the area of your body in need of repair. As the laser targets the injured or damaged cells and tissue, it stimulates a healing response that treats the cause of your pain, which will increase your mobility and get you feeling more like your old self again.

Laser Treatment for Pain

Treatment using cold lasers is an all-natural method of pain relief that doesn’t rely on risky surgery or dangerous pain medication to get the job done. The key in natural pain relief is to address the underlying cause of your pain, so there is no need for the pain to exist any longer. If you simply mask the pain symptoms with medication, whatever is under the surface causing the pain is still there. And once the medication wears off, the pain returns and you have started a dangerous cycle.

Laser Treatment for Pain Oklahoma City, OK

At our chiropractic clinic, we may use cold laser therapy on its own or as part of a more comprehensive treatment protocol to solve the root cause of your pain and enable you to regain your quality of life.

As more and more people look to natural treatments to help solve their chronic pain issues, treatments such as cold laser therapy that have no side effects and are non-invasive will continue to grow. There’s no reason why you can’t relieve your daily pain symptoms and get back to the active lifestyle you used to enjoy.

If you are in pain and thinking about getting treated with laser therapy in Oklahoma City, Edmond or any nearby area, call us today at 405-286-0322 to schedule an appointment. We will go over your symptoms and give you a full assessment to determine which treatment plan is the best fit for your unique situation.

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