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Back pain relief is possible, and we’re only one quick phone call away. Don’t suffer any longer than you already have. At Physical Medicine of Oklahoma, we treat patients that are in severe and chronic back pain and need a solution now.

Non-surgical back pain relief treatment has
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Non-surgical treatment options we provide for back related conditions:

  • Wharton's Jelly*
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Non-surgical decompression
  • Trigger point injections
  • Physical Therapy

Back Pain Screening

Depending on your pain source, one of these treatment options may help you reduce or eradicate your pain and get your life back. Perhaps a combination of all of the above would be appropriate, but you can rest assured that we are going to find the best pain relief treatment for your lower back pain.

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non-surgical Pain Relief in Oklahoma CityPatients often come to us with:

  • Lower back pain on the right side
  • Lower back pain on the left side
  • Severe lower back pain
  • Chronic back pain

It doesn’t matter if your pain comes from a bulging or herniated disc, compressed disc, chronic pain, or a recent injury; we are going to implement the right treatment program to help you.

Injections Containing Wharton's Jelly* for Back Pain?

Our clinic offers the use of a Wharton’s jelly* for chronic or sever back injuries. It's a structural tissue allograft that's applied directly to the site of the defect using a syringe. Application of Wharton’s jelly* has shown to improve capacity for daily activities by decreasing pain and inflammation, all by improving soft tissue strength and integrity.

Here are some of the benefits of back pain treatments containing Wharton's jelly*:

  • Provides a natural source for long chain-hyaluronic acid and other proteins that are beneficial for joint lubrication and movement.
  • Contains a high concentration of growth factors, proteins, and cytokines that contribute to the regenerative process by signaling the body’s own cells to the site of the defect.
  • Acts as a structural tissue supplement to cushion and support the damaged tissue and provides a natural scaffold for cellular attachment in the body.
  • Been described as immune privileged because they rarely evoke an immune response in the human body.
  • Has reported anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fibrotic properties.

By supplementing the defect with Wharton’s jelly*, our goal is to use this structural tissue supplement as a non-invasive alternative to surgery.

This treatment option is perfect for spinal pain, degenerative joints, muscle tears, and other sources of pain.

If you wonder if this treatment works, read this article.

Arrange an appointment with our clinic and speak with Dr. Koenig to see if treatment containing Wharton's jelly* is a viable option for your condition.

Other effective treatment options for lower back pain relief

Chiropractic adjustments can return your spinal joints to their proper position, and provide relief will be the correct treatment option for you.

Non-surgical decompression is a procedure that stretches your back so that you can experience relief from the pain caused by a bulging or herniated disc pressing on the nerves of your spinal column. During this treatment, you are placed on the decompression table so that the lower half of your back can be slightly stretched from your upper back. This allows the disc more room to return to its proper position. This therapy also promotes the flow of healing nutrients into the disc to foster a better healing environment. The stretching motion often pulls fluid back to the compressed disc and helps rehydrate a compressed disc. Rehydrating a compressed disc will aid in restoring the natural space between the vertebrae. This helps eliminate the pain from bone on bone contact.

If you or a loved one suffer from back pain in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or any nearby area, call us today at (405) 726-2727 to schedule a free consultation.

*The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has defined this product as being regulated by the FDA as a human tissue product subject to Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act and 21 CFR 1271. The product is a minimally manipulated umbilical cord allograft that is intended for homologous use only. CMS has described muscle and cartilage tears as examples of homologous use.

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