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We don’t think about our elbows much, but we use them every hour of our day-to-day lives. And those of us who engage in sports like golf, tennis, or swimming rely on strong and mobile elbows to enjoy those activities. Fortunately, compared to other joints that carry our weight around all day, elbows don’t cause many of us problems. But when pain, limited range of motion, or swelling strike, Physical Medicine of Oklahoma has many pain relief procedures to assist the healing process to return normal function and comfort to a patient.

If you're suffering from elbow pain, tendonitis, golfers, or tennis elbow and you're in the greater OKC area - come in for a free consultation and let's get you out of pain!

Treatment Options in OKC for Elbow PainSimple overuse injuries may respond to physiotherapy treatments available at Physical Medicine of Oklahoma. Cryotherapy (use of intense cold), ultrasound, and electrical stimulation all create a beneficial healing environment. We often add nutritional consultations, lifestyle changes, and exercise recommendations to assist healing and return full functionality to elbows — and all the other joints as well.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Options

Chiropractic care helps restore the correct balance and alignment to the body, eliminating stress on elbows. We have another technique called Function Muscle Restoration (FMR), which enables us to free up muscles and restore the correct range of motion to any joints. In the case of sprains, strains, and tendonitis that may be affecting an elbow, FMR has much to offer.

Regenerative Medicine Offers Deep Healing

In some cases, a painful elbow may yield to very simple treatments. But other cases are more stubborn. The cause of swelling or pain may exist deep in the joint, resulting from damage to the bone, tendons, or ligaments. We have had much success even with these stubborn situations of elbow pain. We are very pleased to offer our community regenerative medicine to alleviate pain in elbows and many other joints and structures in the body.

We have chosen two of the most intensely healing natural substances to help our patients with elbow pain. They are platelet-rich plasma and mesenchymal cells. Both these methods of treatment utilize the most powerful and healing cells the human body creates. Using these natural substances for treatment means that many of our patients can avoid steroid injections and surgery.

Elbow Pain Treatment

Platelet-Rich Plasma

In your blood, the smallest and most actively - healing cells are the platelets. For this treatment, we obtain some of our patient’s own blood and create a high concentration of platelets in plasma. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the affected area. This rich infusion of healing cells accelerates cellular repairs and helps reduce inflammation. The use of this treatment to help professional athletes return to the field or court faster has brought it to greater public attention.

Mesenchymal Cells

Cells exist in every person’s body — these cells are essential for healing because of their ability to change into any type of cell needed for repair or renewal. As we age, however, our own cells lose some of their dynamic power. That’s where mesenchymal cells come in. These are derived from umbilical cord tissue obtained after cesarean births with the consent of the mother. Nowhere are there cells with greater vigor.

When used to treat painful, damaged elbows, mesenchymal cells are highly effective in helping tissues in this area heal to return elbows to normal pain-free function. Please contact us to learn how any of these procedures can put an end to your elbow pain.

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