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At any point in time, 10 percent of Americans are suffering from a stiff, painful neck. As the American population ages, the incidence of neck pain will only increase. That’s because osteoarthritis in the neck area becomes more common with advancing age.

If you’re struggling with neck pain, you are definitely not alone. That’s even more true if you are over 50 years of age. As many as 50 percent of Americans over 50 suffer some of these symptoms.

Neck Pain Relief in Oklahoma CityAs today’s population, both young and not-so-young, continues to sit for extended hours, type on keyboards or spend hours watching television, we can expect more people to experience pain and stiffness in their necks and upper bodies. Our good news is that we have pain relief treatment options to this problem that mean you don’t have to reach for the prescription bottle to solve your aching neck.

The Healthiest Solutions for Neck Pain Relief

To help a patient suffering from neck pain, it’s vital that we discover the cause of each individual’s pain. For one patient, we could find that the joints of the neck vertebrae are so locked up that they have lost their proper alignment. Misaligned vertebrae pressing on the nerves can send pain to many areas, including the face, head or shoulder, and can cause weakness in the arms and hands. We may recommend lifestyle changes, chiropractic treatment, exercises and nutritional support while the body adjusts.

Another patient may be suffering from a more long-term condition such as arthritis. In this case, the best solution is often to provide intensive healing support that actually enables the body to regenerate vital tissues in this area.

Treatment Options in OKC for Neck PainWe are pioneers in the use of mesenchymal stem cells to stimulate this kind of healing. Mesenchymal stem cells are obtained from the umbilical cords of babies born through cesarean section. No one involved in obtaining these cells suffers in any way—not the baby, the mother or the patient who is to receive the cells. Among all types of stem cells, mesenchymal cells have the greatest power to generate healing because they are the youngest.

Imagine Yourself Pain-Free!

Our mission at Physical Medicine of Oklahoma is to help our patients truly heal from the inside out. Prescribing pain medication is, at best, putting a patch over a problem. At worst, it could condemn a patient to a lifetime of dependence on a drug. Talk to us to learn the many techniques we have available to support and enhance your healing so you can have a new life without neck, shoulder or head pain.

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