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Anyone who has suffered from sciatica knows all about the searing pain it can inflict. Sciatica is usually caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve, a major nerve leading away from the lower spine, and extending to the ankle. Sitting, standing, or sleeping for any length of time becomes painful, even unbearable. Sciatica can even cause leg weakness and a sensation of “pins and needles” in the leg or the foot.

It may be possible to manage the pain of sciatica with exercises and pain relievers. While this might make the condition go away for a while, sciatica is likely to return to limit one’s activities again in the future. Some medical doctors will recommend cortisone injections or even surgery. When the body can be helped to really and truly heal, sciatica can be overcome without drugs or surgery. That’s the best, healthiest, and safest way to recover. And that’s where Physical Medicine of Oklahoma excels.

Sciatica Treatment in Oklahoma City

True Healing for the Pain of Sciatica

At Physical Medicine of Oklahoma, we have developed a wide range of pain relief treatments that all employ, support, and directly activate your own body’s ability to heal. These range from injections of the most active form of cells possible to lifestyle and exercise modifications to keep you healthy.

We first must determine the correct cause of sciatica. If it’s a herniated disc applying pressure on the sciatic nerve, a spasm of the piriformis muscle deep inside the body, or a narrowing of one of the spine's nerve channels, the right treatment must be matched to the cause.

One this determination is made, we will know if we will use chiropractic adjustments to restore the correct shape to the spine, or ultrasound and cryotherapy to reduce inflammation. We can also utilize nutrition to support drug-less healing, or the fantastic regenerative medicine treatments we offer many patients with pain, injuries, or arthritic conditions.

Treatment Options in OKC for Sciatica

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine utilizes some of the most powerfully healing cells the human body makes. Injections of these cells stimulate and assist one’s own body to calm inflammation and restore injured tissues. Cortisone or steroid injections can cause their own injuries to human tissue, but our regenerative medicine injections work with the body to reduce pain and eliminate the need for pain relievers that could end up being addictive.

By concentrating a patient’s own platelets — the most actively healing of our blood cells — and injecting them into an injured area, the body has a greater ability to normalize and repair tissues in that part of the body. This treatment is called platelet-rich plasma.

We also offer mesenchymal cells, an incredibly powerful type of cell. As we age, our own cells become less active, and so our healing slows down. Administering a patient’s own cells back into an injured area may not offer as great a healing benefit as the use of mesenchymal cells — cells derived from tissues inside an umbilical cord. After a cesarean birth and with the mother's permission, these cells are gathered and used to accelerate healing in patients around the world.

We are very pleased to offer all these treatment forms for patients suffering from sciatica and other painful conditions. Please contact us to learn more about your own recovery possibilities.

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