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Pain in either shoulder can result from a sudden impact that damages muscles, tendons, or bones. Or pain and loss of function can develop gradually over time. Fortunately, at Physical Medicine of Oklahoma, we can improve healing and function that can mean a return to pain-free living for our patients.

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Shoulder Pain Relief in Oklahoma CityThe shoulder is a complicated structure, but it’s this very complexity that enables us to reach the top shelf, catch or throw a baseball or even dance the night away. While the internal structure of a shoulder is innately strong, it may not hold up to assaults from repetitive stress, dislocations, severe impacts, or the gradual deterioration that results from arthritis.

The variety of pain relief treatments we offer can help an athlete return to the field or court more quickly or help an arthritic patient recover mobility. We have done the research to bring a wide range of therapeutic treatments under one roof, meaning that we can offer our community excellent hope for improvement of shoulder pain — and many other kinds of pain, as well.

Treatments for Shoulder Pain

Because of our knowledge and expanse of therapies, it is possible to help patients overcome a dependence on painkillers, resume normal activities, and even avoid surgery in many cases.

  • Many cases benefit from chiropractic treatment to restore mobility to joints in the spine or shoulder itself
  • We have many ways of improving the body’s ability to reduce inflammation, including nutritional counseling, cold therapy, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation
  • Function Muscle Restoration helps free up muscles that may have locked due to injury
  • Lifestyle changes and at-home exercises help each patient contribute to healing and maintain long-term mobility

For many patients with shoulder pain, these treatments may be all that is needed. But in cases when more intensive healing is needed, we may choose to incorporate our regenerative medicine treatments into a patient’s regimen.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Treatment Options in OKC for Shoulder PainRegenerative medicine involves the use of injections to stimulate and assist the body’s natural ability to heal. These injections utilize cellular elements known to provide anti-inflammatory effects and help the body rebuild damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other tissue.

This article discusses the value of mesenchymal cells in the repair of rotator cuff damage.

The forms of regenerative medicine we offer include platelet-rich plasma and mesenchymal cells. Platelets are tiny blood cells activated when the body suffers an injury. They go right to work to start healing. By concentrating a patient’s own platelets and injecting this plasma into the area that needs to heal, greater shoulder pain improvement is possible.

Mesenchymal cells are among the world’s most active types of cells when it comes to growth and repair factors. They are derived from fluids in the umbilical cord. After cesarean births and with the mother's consent, these fluids are utilized in the treatment of many types of pain and injury. By injecting these active cells into an injured area, it’s possible to restore function and, often, even prevent the need for surgery.

Learn more by contacting Physical Medicine of Oklahoma. Tell us about your need for a reduction of pain and a restoration of youthful vigor and activity. We are ready to help.

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