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Each person’s spine acts like a sophisticated machine that supports the body while providing flexibility and a robust channel to protect the spinal cord and nerves. But time, injuries, accidents and even overall health can affect the limberness and function of the spine.

Spinal Correction Treatment in Oklahoma CityImpacts and traumas — both minor and major — can accumulate until the spine can no longer hold its shape or function normally. And that’s when a person may begin to suffer serious problems. Pain, numbness and loss of flexibility or strength can result.

We have been able to provide hundreds of patients with treatments that result in spinal correction to restore pain-free living and functionality. Using various treatment methods, we have the ability to help a wide variety of patient cases find the improvements they are seeking.

Each Case Starts with a Thorough Examination

To understand your situation, we begin our treatment with a thorough examination to determine exactly where you have lost sensation or function. By understanding your medical history, we can see what events or accidents may have harmed your spine. This gives us the vision we need to plan your recovery.

We then choose from the many different pain relief options we have available to develop your treatment plan. Educating you on our actions and the ways you can contribute to your own recovery are important steps in this process.

Therapies Available

Spinal correction will normally involve multiple therapies that could include the following:

  • Chiropractic care to correct alignment and positioning of the vertebrae and relieve stress on the nervous system
  • Nutritional counseling to enhance the ability of the body to fight inflammation
  • Exercises to be done at home to accelerate healing and strengthen the body, so it resumes its proper alignment
  • Physiotherapy utilizing cold, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and other therapies to improve healing
  • Special muscle release techniques to help restore normal ranges of motion

Treatment Option in OKC for Spinal Cord InjuryOur regenerative medicine procedures may be utilized for cases where special healing is needed for muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. We offer platelet-rich plasma and mesenchymal cell treatments to focus on the body's healing power in specific areas.

Platelet-rich plasma involves concentrating the patient’s own platelets—the smallest of our blood cells and the most active in healing—in blood plasma that is injected directly into the area that needs to heal. The body utilizes these active cells in healing joint deterioration or weakened tissues.

Mesenchymal cell treatment uses the youngest growth and healing cells in the world—those in the umbilical cords of babies—to activate healing. With the mother’s consent and without any side effects on the mother or baby, these cells that contain so many healing and growth factors can be the key to your renewed energy and a new, pain-free life.

Learn more about our remarkable methods of bringing about spinal correction and renewed functionality. Call Physical Medicine of Oklahoma today.

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